House Viewing Checklist Part 4: Internal Inspection

Stage 4 of our house viewing checklist examines what you should inspect on the inside of a property you are interested in buying during a viewing.

This part of a house viewing is arguably the most important - you will be living inside the house; you really want to be sure there are no serious issues to ruin your enjoyment of it.

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For all rooms:

  1. Check to see if there is condensation and any signs of damp, for example, mould.
  2. Check for exposed electric wiring.
  3. Check for cracks; note if you can put the edge of a 10p piece in a crack as a rule of thumb. If you can then it might warrant further - and professional - investigation from a RICS surveyor.
  4. Does the flooring need replacing?
  5. Are there enough power sockets?
  6. Is there a working radiator?
  7. Be aware of 'cover ups'. A more unscrupulous seller might paint over damp or hide wall cracks or floor problems with furniture or rugs.

For the bathroom:

  1. Test the shower, toilet and hot water. How long does the hot water take to come through?
  2. Is there any mould?
  3. Does it seem adequately ventilated?

  4. General:

    Graphic says if you can fit the width of a 10p coin into a crack in a wall of a house you're looking at buying, there might be a problem with subsidence
    1. Where are the phone points and TV point?
    2. Is there enough storage space?
    3. Security:
      1. Are there good door locks?
      2. Are there good window locks?
      3. Is there a working alarm system?
    4. For testing:
      1. Do all the taps work? How long does it take for hot water to come through? Are there noisy pumps (which might drive you up the wall...)? What's the water pressure like?
      2. Do light switches work?
      3. Do windows open and close easily?

    Tomorrow, Part 5 of our House Viewing Checklist series examines what information you can get by asking the owner or estate agent questions.

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