House Viewing Checklist Part 5: Questions for the vendor or estate agent

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STAGE 5 of our house viewing checklist looks at questions you must ask the vendor or estate agent during a property viewing.

You can only find out so much yourself by looking around a property. The vendor or estate agent can give you very important information about various matters if you ask them; at the very least, they might save you some time.

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Heating and plumbing

1. Where is the boiler and stopcock?
2. How old are they?
3. When was the boiler last serviced?
4. How does the heating and plumbing work?


house hunting checklist - this graphic suggests people inspect lofts where possible to see, for example, if they have been insulated
1. Where is the consumer unit or fuse box?
2. When was it last checked?
3. Where are the utility meters?


1. Has any work been done to the property?
2. If yes to previous question, what guarantees are there on the work?

Loft and Chimneys

1. Is there loft access?
2. Can you view the loft?
(If you can, check to see if it is insulated; if it is, you will save large sums in heating bills. If it is floored, it makes it cheaper convert.)
3. Do any chimneys work (if there are any)?
4. If yes to 3., when were they last swept?


1. Are there any smoke alarms?
2. If yes to 1, have they been maintained properly?
3. Is there any asbestos in the property?
4. Is the property a listed building or in a conservaton area?
(This may limit the changes you can make to it in the future.)
5. Why is the seller selling?
6. Is the seller keen to sell quickly?
7. How much interest/how many viewings has the property had?

Part 6 of our House Viewing Checklist series looks at some extra questions you must ask a seller if you are buying a flat.

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