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Listed Building Survey - What type of survey do I need?

(Last Updated: 12/12/2023)
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Listed building surveys are a specialist survey undertaken by an experienced Building Surveyor due to the age, size and nature of the property.

As a general rule, if the property was built prior to 1850, such as Tudor, Pre-Georgian, or Georgian, and the property is still standing in its original condition then it is likely to be listed. Many listed buildings will also be in a conservation area

The surveyor needs to be experienced in looking beyond the appearance and following the trail of any suspected defects.

There are many Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) surveyors who won't undertake a listed building survey as it states in the RICS guidelines for surveyors that:

"the surveyor needs to be familiar with the nature and complexity of the property type and the region in which it is situated."

Listed buildings by their very nature are more complicated to survey because of the historical building materials and style used at the time. 

You can also find poorly replicated windows and doors that haven't been correctly installed. 

Over many years of service a surveyor will gain experience working alongside other surveyors to develop the competence required. They may have also obtained the RICS Building Conservation Accreditation.

With a listed building it is often what you can't see at first glance a defect which can prove costly to remedy in the future. We cover below in more detail what defects can be found in a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Listed Building Survey.

16% of homeowners discover defects

In our recent survey, 16% of homeowners found defects; including 2% who were able to pull out of a bad purchase, 7% who were able to negotiate a better price, and sadly, 7% of homeowners who did not get a survey and discovered defects after the purchase.

12 of the 39 who remembered how much these defects cost to remedy spent over £5,000

Don't burn your money, book a survey.

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What types of listed building survey are there?

There are 3 survey types - all of which are non-intrusive unless agreed in writing with the seller for the possible costs of repairs/making good to be covered by the buyer/seller:

  • Level One: Condition Report
  • Level Two: HomeBuyer Report (with or without a valuation)
  • Level Three: Building Survey.

What survey do I need for a listed building?

A listed building requires a Level 3 Building Survey. The RICS states 

"This level of service consists of a detailed visual inspection of the building, its services and the grounds that is more extensive than survey level one and two"

"Where a surveyor feels unable to reach the necessary conclusions with reasonable confidence, they should refer the matter for further investigations. However, at survey level three such referrals should be the exception rather than the rule. A survey level three report should aim to provide the client with all the information they need to make a purchase decision"

How much are surveyors fees?

A listed building survey cost will cost more because of the time the surveyor will take on-site, researching the local area and preparing the report. 

The cost will be in excess of £1,000 however speak to us today to confirm a quote for your property.

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