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TerraSearch Coal Extra Report

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The TerraSearch Coal Extra Report is an additional property search which gives you extra information and security regarding mining hazards when you're buying a home.

A staggering 70% of mining hazards in the UK are not currently identified during due diligence by professionals in the legal, planning, development and financial risk sectors. 

There are currently more than 172,000 recorded mine-shafts in the UK and it's estimated that only 1 in 3 mine-shafts are actually recorded.

Even though there may be no obvious signs of mining in an area, major hazards can still exist

This is particularly because the surface evidence of mine workings may have disappeared when buildings have been subsequently been located on them.

Most often, if there is a strong case for getting this property search, you'll be informed of it via the hazard alerts which accompany your Local Authority Search.

Of particular note, this report:

  • Alerts you regarding 55 additional non-coal mining hazards.
  • Includes a "No Risk" Certificate where non-coal risk screen is a "Pass"
  • Carries an indemnity policy of up to £50,000 loss in the market value of your property.
  • Presents you with a simple "Pass" or "Further Action" outcome.
  • Carries a £10 million liability limit per report.

Read on for further details about the TerraSearch Coal Extra Report including a sample report.

What does the report contain?

Coal and Brine Mining Information

The first part of the report gives detailed information about the location regarding coal and brine mining. 

After assessing the overall risk of these mining activities (e.g. 'Moderate'), it looks at various mining features such as the presence of mine shafts and mine gas and lists the risk factor accompanying past, present and planned future underground and opencast mining works.

For each of these features, you are given a 'Risk' judgment (yes or no) and an overall assessment (negligible/low/moderate/high risk).

The report's individual author's name is also listed in this section along with their telephone number for contact. Sample TerraSearch Coal Extra Report - click to read

Mining hazards

This section lists 64 substances which are mined, including Coal and Brine, and for each one, indicates whether mining of this substance occurs within 500m of the property in question.

If additional mining hazards are identified within 500m of the property, you are recommended to get a TerraSearch Assess report for further information.

Hazard Map of the Local Area

The next part of the report gives you a map centring on your property which indicates the hazards nearby. 

It has a key which differentiates zones with different levels of risk (high, moderate, low and no risk).

Detailed Findings of Coal Mining Hazards

This section 'drills down' into the information about coal mining hazards, examining, for example, prevailing geological conditions (presence of faults, fissures and breaklines). 

Each part has its own risk assessment to simplify it (from high risk to no risk).

Insurance information and report limitations

The final part of the report explains how its insurance cover works and the limitations therein.

How much does the TerraSearch Coal Extra Report cost?

£60 including VAT.

How quickly do you receive the report?

You normally receive the report within 2 days but if you need it urgently, it can be returned within a day for an additional fee.

If you would like to book this report, please call our offices on 0333 344 3234.

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