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HomeBuyer Survey Cost

(Last Updated: 08/06/2023)
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Part of the conveyancing process is to instruct a RICS HomeBuyer Survey to highlight defects within the property.

When choosing which surveyor you are going to work with one of the biggest questions is what is the homebuyers survey cost?

In this article we explain the different types of Home Buyers Survey you can get, which properties suit the different types of survey and the average cost of a home buyers survey.

What are the different Home Buyers Survey?

You can choose from one of the following types of RICS survey:

    Level 1: Condition Report suitable to give a less detailed review of a condition of a standard construction property.
    Level 2: HomeBuyers Report (with or without a valuation) suitable for the majority of properties that are flats, bungalows or standard construction houses. Gives more detail than the Condition Report. Read more about and see an example of the Level 2: HomeBuyer Report
    Level 3: Building Survey suitable for larger, older properties that are unique, in disrepair or have been extended.

    The Full Building Survey Cost will be more than a HomeBuyer Report because of the additional time required to deliver the service.

    Read more about and see an example of the Level 3: Building Survey.

The HomeBuyers Survey cost will increase the higher level a survey your property requires. 

If you are unsure which survey best suits your property then you may end up buying the wrong survey - costing you more money than is necessary.

See which home buyer survey suits your property or call now to speak to one of our survey specialists 0333 344 3234 (local call charges apply).

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