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Property Searches

Property searches are ordered through your solicitor or SAM and the searches are ordered from the local authority, water board, environment agency and other bodies to provide critical information about your property. Typical information includes if the property has planning permission and building regulation certificates, if the is in a high risk flood area or if it is built on or near contaminated land.
Order your conveyancing searches when you instruct your solicitor for a fast purchase, or if you wait, make sure you order them no later than when you order your mortgage valuation as your conveyancing searches can take 3 weeks or more to come back from the local authority.

The Environmental search, chancel indemnity and title plan are returned within 24 to 48 hours. The drainage and water and the regulated local authority search come back later depending on the average turn around time of the specific council. Click here to see the turnaround times for your local authority.
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Property searches are mandatory if you’re buying with a mortgage but cash buyers should also obtain them so they know of any issues affecting the property; especially if in future they want to sell to anyone who is intending the buy the home with a mortgage. Property searches can take weeks to come back from the council and the other providers so make sure you order them when you instruct your solicitor, or at the latest, when you book in your mortgage valuation.