Claudine Boast

Claudine co-founded SAM Conveyancing alongside her husband Andrew Boast. Claudine qualified as a solicitor in 2006 and supports SAM Conveyancing clients as a legal advisor at Parachute Law.

Claudine's ethos is to offer more-for-less, focusing on an affordable legal service delivered directly to you by phone, email or Skype. She practises law with a fresh approach and bypasses the stuffiness of traditional law firms, getting straight to the heart of your legal conundrum.

Her background as a qualified solicitor along with the experience gained in her career to date is a fantastic support to SAM Conveyancing.

The services that Claudine offers are:

  • Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for Joint Mortgage Sole Proprietor mortgages
  • Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for deeds of trust
  • Drafting loan agreements
  • Drafting wills
  • Drafting deeds of trust
Claudine Boast
You can contact Claudine on:

Office Number:
0207 112 5388 
Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm

19 Silwood Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 0PY



"I bought my first home in Birmingham in 2006. I was a trainee solicitor and I’ll never forget the day before completion. The solicitor who was doing the conveyancing for me parked her BMW on double yellows outside my firm and I had to sign the paperwork in the back of her car during my lunch hour - highly unprofessional and terrible client care! Because of that experience I want to make sure that only top quality, reputable lawyers are involved in helping people who come to SAM Conveyancing for assistance getting onto or up the property ladder.

"I left Birmingham for London a few years later, rented the property out and am now able to buy my first family home in Sunningdale."