Marcus Simpson

Marcus Simpson started working with conveyancing solicitors in 2010 and has been writing about the conveyancing sector ever since. Following a career as a financial services journalist and editor, specialising in financial crime, he now looks after digital marketing for SAM Conveyancing and has frequently written topical home moving and related articles as well as supporting clients with solicitors and surveyors.

You need to keep a keep eye out for his topical property articles as they are full of fantastic tips and guides concerning things you should be doing through the conveyancing process.

Marcus originally honed his journalistic skills working for Complinet, firstly in Putney then in the City. Thomson Reuters eventually bought the company, shrewdly recognising and calculating its huge value, with products spanning throughout the financial services compliance arena.

Mentored by Chris Hamblin, an internationally-acclaimed financial crime journalist, Marcus regularly contributed incisive articles ranging the length and breadth of anti-money laundering related topics, such as featured magazine reports on the progress of the Serious Organised Crime Agency in sequestering assets from the 'Mr Bigs' of crime. 

He also gave related presentations while at Complinet and attended numerous conferences. In particular, he was a regular attendee at meetings of Ben Hur's foremost City of London organisation of Money Laundering Reporting Officers (CF11s).

Marcus worked with Andrew Boast, Conveyancing Director and Co-Founder of SAM Conveyancing, not long after the formation of the company, attracted by Andrew's Share a Mortgage concept, which was - and is - a fresh approach to tackling the housing crisis.

"I'd worked with Andrew before and realised then not only that we worked together very productively but that his overall knowledge of most subjects associated with moving home is second to none.

When I coupled that with his standards of integrity when dealing with clients - he really is prepared to go the extra mile and look after all customers and seems to speak everyone's language - I realised that I wanted to help him be as successful as possible in his chosen area of expertise and assist him wherever I could. This has been the case to the present day. He has built an excellent team and one that I'm very proud to be associated with."

Marcus Simpson

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The company is very efficient and willing to help specially Marcus Simpson who I found a reliable and trustworthy and I am happy that i have contacted the right company."

Rating: 5 out of 5 Chartered Surveyor in Birmingham for Ansar Kazmi (click and read more reviews)


"I have yet to buy my own home and am working towards that goal. I have rented properties throughout my life and have moved many times and fully realise all the stresses and strains involved in home moves and realise through my working experience quite how daunting the process of buying and selling a property can be.

"I definitely intend to use our firm when it comes to realising my dream of owning my own home. We don't skimp on providing as much assistance as possible at every stage of the process and are proactive in our dealings with all our conveyancing solicitors, mortgage brokers, chartered building surveyors and others.

"We provide all the information that anyone moving home will need to know about their move and we ensure that we 'go that extra mile' when needed, particularly when we are dealing with a complicated matter.

"We are very serious when we claim that we are 'your best move ever' and are proud of the number of satisfied clients who have given us so many top-rated Google reviews."