Olivia Carvell

What on earth did we do before Olivia joined our team?!

Olivia's energy and her empathetic voice is something all her clients appreciate, both new and old - and she brings these attributes to all aspects of her work.

Given the challenges our market has faced and is facing, she's a real asset to our team and knows how to allay the fears of even the most timid first time buyers - while having the in-depth knowledge which veteran home movers appreciate.

Olivia specialises in:

  • Conveyancing for sales, purchases, remortgages and transfer of equity
  • RICS Property Surveys including HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys and Property Valuations
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Structural Engineer Report
Olivia Carvell of SAM Conveyancing


"I've just moved into a rented flat with my boyfriend and am comparatively new to the vast area of knowledge that is conveyancing - but that's changing by the day!!

"As with many young people, I aspire to own my own home and recent years have been less than favourable for young buyers, with stubbornly-high price rises and needing longer terms to pay back mortgages as a result."

"But I remain optimistic! At least there's two of us buying and working at SAM has not only helped my understanding of the stresses that people face moving but also has given me the inside track for my own future purchase!"